Kindergarten teacher Emirates Schools Foundation

Full Time

Emirates Schools Establishment

Kindergarten teacher (for female citizens only)
Place of work: Emirates Schools Foundation Ends: 30-12-2021

Job title:
Develop an annual and annual plan for the subject in accordance with the content and performance standards for kindergarten curricula
Develop a daily plan in accordance with the content standards and learning outcomes for the subjects of the kindergarten curricula, in which the classroom and extra-curricular activities and the mechanism for their implementation are defined.
Work on evaluating and measuring the performance of children’s skills by preparing observation cards, monitoring and evaluating the performance of children in the different periods of the child’s daily program in kindergarten, analyzing the results of the forms and making comparisons in developing children’s performance. during the school year
Managing the educational process according to the child’s modern strategies and effective learning, and effectively employing educational tools according to the daily plan
Designing and implementing accurate and comprehensive treatment plans for children with low levels of wealth, talented and talented children in light of their abilities and tendencies.
Work to satisfy children’s physical, mental, psychological and social needs and help them achieve the requirements of early childhood development.

Work requirements:
Graduates of the following colleges:
Kindergarten and early childhood
Teaching materials in Arabic must have a score (1400-1525 EmSAT English) or (6 Academic or 6.5. General in IELTS Proficiency Test) and Teaching materials in English must have a score (1675-1775 EmSAT English Language) or 7 Academic or 7.5. A year in the IELTS Proficiency Test
In the event that other conditions are met and the IELTS certificate is not available, you will be subject to the free touch test provided by the Ministry for one time, provided that the test score is 1250 or higher
(The Emsat test application document can be attached when applying in the IELTS Certificate Attachment field)
A very good grade or above in a university qualification
3 years experience (non-national)

Additional information:
Requirements and Documents Required (Non-citizens):

The university qualification should not be less than very good
Applicants must be born in 1976 or later
The applicant must be residing in the country and the conditions for transfer of residence apply to him, and his residence should not be in one of the state ministries.
All documents submitted must be photocopies and may not be requested again.
When contracting, the academic qualifications and transcripts must be certified by the official authorities, with the validity of the data from the cultural offices of the United Arab Emirates in the country of graduation, with copies of them attached.
The government experience certificate and appointment are only received to date, and a copy of it is attached.
Equivalence of certificates issued by private universities in his country from the Supreme Council of Private Universities.
Attach a copy of the high school certificate.
Submit proof of non-affiliation with the Ministry of Education in his country, or attach a copy of the approval of his employer to work at the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates.
A copy of the passport must be attached to the application provided that it is valid for at least two years and a personal photo of 6 x 4 cm.
Those who have previously worked in the United Arab Emirates must write this down in the application, mentioning the years of experience, educational stage, reasons for leaving the service, and attaching a copy of the experience certificate in the United Arab Emirates.
The dismissed employee or those who provide incorrect information will not be re-contracted.

To apply, please join the Teach For UAE initiative, then log in and fill in the file and the necessary attachments according to the job.

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