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International Community School, Abu Dhabi, an emirates school establishment, has announced the availability many of teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi for several disciplines. Below, ow we will provide you with more details.

International Community School announces job vacancies in the UAE

Jobs details at School: FRENCH TEACHER

Job Purpose:

To improve students’ abilities and knowledge, teach and educate them in compliance with the curricular framework’s requirements and ADEK laws and regulations.
Educating and educating pupils in line with the supervisor’s educational needs, abilities, and achievement potential of individual students.


1. Comply with the terms of the employment agreement; follow the rules and regulations outlined in the Teacher’s Guide, as well as any other memorandum of instruction provided by the ICS administration from time to time.
2. Complete at least 80% of the scheduled lessons each week.
3. Maintain regular attendance and timely entry to school, and do not leave school facilities without permission until the last bell sounds.
4. Monitor and keep track of student work, including daily assignments, quizzes, and examinations.
5. Prepare and submit test and examination papers written with full marks and rule charts by due dates.
6- Attending other planned school activities such as associations, workshops, seminars and meetings as appropriate in meeting the requirements of the school and the ministry.
7. Perform alternative and other non-teaching duties in and around the school in accordance with the list of teachers’ duties.

8. Perform the duties of the class teacher if asked to do so.
9. Help at all times in maintaining school discipline and smooth movement throughout the school.
10. Maintain a high level of class discipline in order to facilitate a favourable environment for teaching and learning.
11. Keep track of any absences from class, tardiness, misappropriation of school and personal property, failure to bring the necessary books to class, and any other behavior that interferes with the teacher’s ability to instruct. Follow up with necessary disciplinary procedures to address these transgressions.

12. Make sure that students are properly busy and actively build an education at all times, including during replacement periods.
13. Collaborate with the academic coordinator and parents in developing an individual educational strategy or plan to take corrective action for the struggling student.
14. Identify students who achieve excellence in a subject and promote excellence through the appropriate recognition or reward program.
Maintain appropriate records of course marks to calculate final results, as well as compile metadata notes for report cards.
16. Be fair and consistent in dealing with individual students and avoid any form of personal criticism or physical contact that may be considered culturally degrading, inappropriate or unacceptable.

17. Maintain professional standards in all interactions with parents to support and develop a mutual partnership between parents.
18. Recognize and respect the professionalism of their peers and help their peers and academy coordinators whenever necessary in the team spirit.
19. Follow the ICS confidentiality policy and adhere to it.
Upholding the Code of Conduct of the International Civil Service Tribunal and all international civil service policies, rules and procedures in a supportive and positive manner.
20. Any other instructions are followed and any other related duties are performed by certain managers and/or deputy/assistant managers, as they do not violate ICS policies.

Communications and business relationships:
Internal: Deputy Director, Director, Supervisor and Coordinator
Foreign: Parents
Minimum qualifications and experience.

Bachelor’s degree in education or equivalent suitable for this subject
Certificate or license as required by the State/country concerned

  • 2-10 years experience in a similar industry.
  • Favourite: GCSE Experience.
  • ENC Experience.

Competencies and skills:
1. Excellent communication skills
2. Teaching, planning and organization skills.

How to apply for teaching positions:
You can apply for vacancies, by visiting the following link: Click here.

Additional details:
Required nationalities: Emirati and non-Emirati.
Submission date: within the application link.
Job source: The official website of International Community School, Abu Dhabi.

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To apply for this job please visit

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